Are you studying
at a university?

Do you want to meet Steve Wozniak
and bring home CZK 100,000?
OKsystem has been in business for 30 years,
and to celebrate they invited to Prague
the king of all geeks.
If you win, the prize
will be presented to you
by Woz himself.

Do you dare to tackle one of the OKsystem challenges? Will you manage to break through one of its safety protocols? Or do you have an idea for how to improve some of its services?

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Who can participate in the hackathon?

OKhack is open to all university students in the Czech Republic over the age of 18. If you’re not sure whether or not you can participate, contact us here.

Put together a team of 2–4 hackers or sign up as an individual and we’ll help you to put together a team on the spot. So don’t hesitate – register today. We will accept only 15 teams and 20 individuals.

What are we hacking for?

For the TOP 3 teams

Smart Apple Watch

Tickets for the OKtalks 2020 technology conference

Overall winner

The main prize will be presented by Steve Wozniak at the conference OKtalks 2020

CZK 100,000 for the team


1. 7. 2020

Registration opens

Let’s do this! Register now!

9. 9. 2020

Registration closes

The signup has ended. If you still wish to participate, shoot us an email at and we’ll see what we can do.

16. 9. 2020

Selecting hackers

Watch your inbox carefully. If you’re chosen, we’ll let you know before 28. 9. 2020.

2. 10. 2020

OKhack - Opening
(DAY 1)

We’ll meet in the offices of OKsystem, where you will get to know the mentors and other experts. We will introduce you to the challenges in more detail.

3. 10. 2020

OKhack - Hacking
(DAY 2)

Let’s get hacking! Work is in full progress, Red Bull is everywhere, and the matrix is ON!

4. 10. 2020

OKhack - Presentations
(DAY 3)

Pitches & winner announcements! After 48 hours of hard work, organizers will announce the Top 3 teams.

12. 11. 2020

OKtalks 2020

Steve Wozniak will announce the overall winner and present the CZK 100,000 main prize.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Do you have an idea how to use AI to modernize a work attendance control system? Can you use artificial intelligence over an extensive database of input texts to classify them, for example by their negative and positive expressions? Or to classify texts according to content into other groups? Can you create a mobile application that recognizes labels on wine bottles and uses it to search for them on a shelf or in a warehouse? Can you think of another way to use AI for OKsystem? There are no limits to creativity!


Blockchain is a hot topic almost everywhere, but few people know how to use it in practice. Can you design and implement a blockchain for a service or even multiple OKsystem services to make them even more reliable? Can you build a system for secure online signing of contracts based on blockchain technology? Or do you have an idea for using blockchain in modern HR management systems? Feel free to implement any of your ideas for using blockchain within any of OKsystem’s products and beyond.

Break the code

Do you have what it takes to test the security of OKsystem services and products? For example, OKsystem has built the most secure communication tool on the market – BabelApp. Will you be able to penetrate its security? Can you send a false signal and take over an industrial robot controlled by the Checkbot application from the OKsystem software house?

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People Who will you meet at the hackathon?

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Libor Ludvík


Developer OKsystem

While studying computer systems and networking at the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Pilsen, Libor learned the basics of AI and system security. After graduating, he joined OKsystem as a Java developer, where he became involved in challenging infrastructure projects for the state administration. Libor presently leads a team of people dealing with issues of creating and delivering print reports (electronic signature, communication with external systems, communication encryption).


Jiří Hoherčák


Developer OKsystem

Jirka joined OKsystem in 2006. Since then he has been leading a development team that primarily deals with issues related to the continuous integration, software deployment and security of systems.

Petr Gottesman


Developer OKsystem

Petr graduated from ČVUT FEL with a focus on electronic computers and system programming. He has worked at OKsystem as a project manager since 2012 and since 2019 he has been the director of development division 1. This team mainly deals with complex projects for state administration.


Čeněk Rauscher


Blockchain Developer OKsystem

Čeněk is leader of the application development team for mobile platforms at OKsystem. He leads the BabelApp development project - a platform for secure communication. In addition to advanced end-to-end encryption, this application for Android, iOS, and Windows desktop uses advanced encrypting technologies for secure communication, including blockchain.


Václav Krauz


Developer OKsystem

Vašek studied technical cybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at CTU. At OKsystem, Václav leads one of the largest departments in Division 1 focused mainly on complex infrastructure projects for the state administration. He has been working for OKsystem since 2004. Among other things Václav is a proud father of two little girls, an enthusiastic traveler, and an active athlete.


Vojtěch Klimeš


Developer OKsystem

Vojtěch is the director of the development division at OKsystem, where OKbase, Babelapp and other applications are created. He is interested in the possibility of using modern technologies in human resources area and the possibilities of securement of important personal information and communication. Vojta’s motto is that “innovation must, above all, simplify routine work for people, so that they have more time for creative activities in all fields. Creativity is what distinguishes us from machines.”


Ludvík Altrichter


Developer OKsystem

While studying at university, Ludvík dealt with computer modeling in science and physics, either through computer simulations or the use of the leap frog algorithm. Ludvík works in OKsystem since 2010 as an analyst in Development Division 2. He primarily solves the analytical support of the development of the attendance module. In addition to creating analysis, which are the basis for the development of the current OKbase system, he also develops its new functionalities.


Jan Šedivý


AI ČVUT Research

Jan has, after 18 years of experience in the industry, returned to CTU, CIIRC. He teaches at the CTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and he is the director of the CTU MediaLab Foundation. He writes about his work at the blog Jan has worked at Google (2008-2010) as a Technical Lead/Manager and at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center as a research staff member (1992-2000) and Research Manager (2000-2008). He has lead many worldwide research and development projects. He was a principal designer of the IBM Embedded ViaVoice speech recognition application. He holds 19 US patents. His main areas of interest are AI, ML, NLU, mobile, internet and cloud computing.


Ondřej Holešovský


AI ČVUT Robots

Ondřej Holešovský designed, built and coded mobile robots for student team robotic competitions such as Eurobot, Sick Robot Day or Czech Robotic Day. He knows how to create embedded hardware and software working in real time. Ondřej learned to design and train convolutional neural networks in the course of bachelor and master thesis projects. He is currently pursuing a PhD in industrial robotics with focus on computer vision and machine learning.


Radka Kittová


Blockchain Security

Radka works as a Lead of Digital Security Team at design and software house Huld s.r.o. Additionally, she is responsible for new projects and new businesses in the area of digital innovation, where projects leverage technologies such as blockchain or machine learning. She has a technological background in software development and scientific education in physics and chemistry. Currently, she studies her MBA at European Business School with the major of Blockchain. Radka is also a member of Blockchain Slovakia and supports the blockchain community in Prague and Barcelona. She is also involved in several open-source projects focusing mainly on digital privacy, blockchain for the non-profit industry, and blockchain for sustainable development.


Tomáš Studeník

Mentor & Organizer

Business Marketing

Tomáš is a radical innovator who helps global companies awake their innovative potential and seek new opportunities in the post-digital era. He holds MBA from the University of Liverpool and MSc in Innovation from HEC in Paris. He is the CEO of management consultancy Insane Business Ideas as well as a creative director of Confidence Digital. He organizes official FuckUp Nights in Prague and other major cities in the Czech Republic, and stands behind CEE Hacks innovative marathons (Hackathons), where global hackers and students solve problems in transport, energy, healthcare and social innovations.


Josef Jelačič


Blockchain Security

Josef under the auspices of Ethereum foundation works on the development of the ecosystem to support the community of open-source library developers focused on development of smart contracts and dapps. As an Ambassador of Parallel Polis and administrator of the local hackerspace, he works on connecting technology enthusiasts who have interest in decentralization and development of new generation of web3 applications.


Martin Smolik



Martin finished his studies of mathematics at MFF at Charles University in 2019. Now, he is working on his Ph.D. at CIIRC ČVUT, where he focuses on Artificial Intelligence with a focus on language processing. He is mainly interested in text generation and machine translations.



What is a hackathon?

Hackathon joins the two English words hack and marathon. It is a focused, nonstop event where over 48 hours’ time you and a small team and mentors get to build something new and exciting within the selected areas using modern technologies while working alongside a whole bunch of like-minded people.

Is it just for programmers and computer geeks?

Not at all. We’re looking for visionaries, designers, artists, creators, psychologists, economists, ecologists, architects, engineers, marketers, entrepreneurs – in short all kinds of talented people with an urge to help and show what they can do.

How large or small should a team be?

Your team must have at least 2 members and a maximum of 4 members.

Who can participate?

The hackathon is open to anybody over 18 years of age and who is currently enrolled at a university in the Czech Republic.

What is the purpose of OKhack?

The goal of OKhack is to solve one of the challenges or come up with an innovative idea for using AI, blockchain, or security in OKsystem products.

Where does the event take place?

The hackathon will take place at OKsystem’s offices at Pankrác in Prague.

How many teams will attend?

Based on registration, an expert jury will select the top 15 teams and 20 individuals who will be invited for the hackathon.

Will it cost me money?

No, the entire OKhack is free of charge for all participants. We also will provide all the food and drinks.

Should I sign up as an individual or as a team?

It’s up to you. If you sign up as an individual, we will help you to put together a team on the spot.

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OKsystem is a Czech software company that works domestically and internationally. OKsystem delivers software solutions to private businesses and the public sector. HCM and secure communication products are in the top in the market. OKsystem offers cutting-edge products which are innovative, secure and reliable.


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